Amazing Pictures

Tips on Shooting Amazing Pictures

Ever wonder how some pictures look stunning? Don't you want to capture amazing pictures? Of course you do, every one does. Professional photographers started out just like you, someone who has interest in arts. 
Well read along and find out some simple tips on how you can take pictures that are not just amazing but superbly taken.

First tip: play with the angles. Almost all photos are taken at eye-level. Why don't you take pictures in different angles? Experiment on new perspectives; try shooting pictures from above or below your subject. Discover that there are other angels that will show your subject's other assets.
Second tip: make the subject look at something else. The days where you ask the subject to stare at the camera lens is over. Well not really over, but it is usually for I.D. pictures or professional shoots. Making your subject look at something else is more interesting and intriguing. However, when you do this technique be very sensitive because the viewer may take their attention off the subject but to the thing that the subject is staring at.
Third tip, stay focused on the subject. Well this one is pretty obvious. The subject should be the main focus of the picture not the background, or anything else.
Throw out the book. It means you sometimes take pictures that are not based by the rules of photography. Experiment, explore and trust your instincts. Learn the rules of the book know when to apply them and learn when to add up your own style. That is our fourth tip.
Tip number five: play with lighting. Proper lighting is important in photography, playing and experimenting with them will greatly affect the quality and beauty of your photographs. Try back lights, side lights, be creative.
Tip number six: let your subject play. Let him or her move. Capture a picture of your subject while she is reading, playing with toys or even when the subject is dancing, you will be surprised how movement and can affect the pictures you are taking.
Seventh tip: shoot on impulse. Do not tell your subject when you will be taking the pictures. Do not start counting one, two, three, smile. When people know that they will be photographed they tend to hide their natural emotions. Capture their personality by taking the subjects picture on their natural environment.
Tip number eight: use props. If you will be taking a picture of a doctor or a nurse make the subject hold a stethoscope. But do not let the props take over the whole scene.
Tip number nine: be dramatic. Instead of taking a picture of the head and the shoulder, or the whole body, why not take a picture of the subject's hand while touching his temple. Or a picture of the subject while his fist is on his chin, like the thinker.
And our last tip for you- create a theme. Make the picture livelier by creating themes. For example a woman subject can wear an Egyptian make up. Or cover half of her face with a transparent shawl. It creates drama and it makes the picture more interesting.
In order to capture amazing pictures you simply have to be creative, your imagination will help you a lot in creating the perfect theme and drama for your pictures. It is important that you know the book and you know how to add more personality. Just remember you cannot get the perfect shot in an instant, follow the steps above and don't forget to be creative.
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